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About The Capitalize Albany Team

Capitalize Albany Corporation has a dedicated team of experienced professionals — whether you’re an inspired entrepreneur, an established small business owner, looking to distinguish yourself or your company in the corporate world, or driven to make a lasting impact in a local community — we are ready to work with you and showcase Albany’s dynamic and supportive environment. Click here to learn more about our team

Our 2023 Annual Report

In review of 2023, Capitalize Albany Corporation’s annual report presents an unprecedented year of investment in the City of Albany. To learn more and
read the 2023 annual report, click here.


Award Winning Strategy Driven Economic Development

For more than three decades the work of Capitalize Albany Corporation has elevated the City of Albany and the Region. It’s executing action-oriented strategies and catalyzing transformation in Albany’s neighborhoods, downtown and commercial districts. Learn more.

About Capitalize Albany Corporation

A catalyst for economic growth, Capitalize Albany Corporation facilitates transformational development projects, serving as the City of Albany’s economic development arm. A registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization implementing programs and resources to create, retain, and attract business in the City of Albany.

Powered by investors composed of Albany’s community and business leaders, Capitalize Albany manages and coordinates all local economic development functions.