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Amplify Albany Grant Program

Amplify Logo 1Capitalize Albany designed the Amplify Albany Grant Program to provide resources for the implementation of exciting activities and events that leverage the City of Albany’s most unique and strongest assets. The program is enhancing the City of Albany’s commercial districts and businesses by providing grant funding to non-profits, businesses and other organizations that will create and execute short and medium term authentic, unique and buzz-worthy promotional projects, events and programming. The types of eligible projects are outlined in the program guidelines below.

These events and other initiatives will engage residents and attract additional visitors to the City of Albany’s various business districts.

Program guidelines are available below with additional details.

Applications And Supplemental Documents

Amplify Albany Grant Program Application | Submit Online

Amplify Albany Grant Program Application | Fillable PDF Version

As of  February 11, 2022 applications are being accepted for this program. You may use either version of the application above, you may submit through the online form, or download the fillable PDF version and email your completed application to [email protected]. 

Application Checklist

Budget Worksheet

Question Reference Document

Paper copies will be made available upon request. The Question Reference Document is not an application form, but can be used to assist with preparing your application. Be sure to save the supplemental PDF documents instead of making notes or preparing information in your web browser.

Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines | Download & Print


Who is eligible?

Non-profits, existing businesses and other groups such as business improvement districts and neighborhood associations are eligible. Please reference the program guidelines or contact us for further eligibility questions.

What types of activities are eligible?

Short and medium term projects, events and activities that promote or generate media attention for a commercial district in Albany. Examples include:

  • Outdoor markets
  • Pop-up shops & creative unified storefronts
  • Shopper’s reward programs
  • Food competitions with commercial district restaurants
  • Create a wireless network free to all those located in and visiting your commercial district
  • Other events/festivals or projects which promotes a commercial district located in the City

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