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Impact Downtown Albany

What is the Impact Downtown Albany strategy?

Impact Downtown Albany is a first-of-its-kind, fully comprehensive, future-focused plan for Downtown Albany. Its results-driven implementation plan will act as a guide for local redevelopment and reinvestment in a manner that meets the needs of residents, businesses and other stakeholders.

Who developed the strategy?

Capitalize Albany Corporation and a consultant team led by Goody Clancy with substantial input from more than three dozen key stakeholders.

Who is Capitalize Albany Corporation?

Capitalize Albany Corporation is a registered 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization that implements programs and resources that create, retain, and attract business in the City of Albany.

Who is Goody Clancy?

Goody Clancy is an award-winning, interdisciplinary architecture, planning, and preservation firm located in Boston, Massachusetts.

What does Impact Downtown Albany focus on?

Impact Downtown Albany focuses on a variety of areas, including: long-range vision, community engagement, and market-driven recommendations. The high-impact implementation strategy will facilitate major structural changes, large-scale redevelopment projects, the creation of new programs and resources, and the attraction and retention of residents, commercial tenants, visitors and retailers.

What is the geographic scope of the initiative?

The greater Downtown Albany area, including:

  • The City’s historic central business district
  • The Hudson riverfront
  • The North Warehouse district

When was the strategy completed?

November of 2014

When did development of the strategy begin?

September of 2013

How was Impact Downtown Albany be funded?

Funding for Impact Downtown Albany was provided by Capitalize Albany Corporation and a variety of other private and institutional donors. The waterfront master plan portion was funded by a NYS DOS Waterfront grant with matching funds from Capitalize Albany and assistance from the City of Albany.