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Member Spotlight

An interview with Tracy Metzger, Founder and Principal Broker at TL Metzger & Associates

Q. Tell us a little bit about TL Metzger & Associates

We are a full service real estate brokerage firm with specialist in the residential and commercial markets.  As a commercial broker, I work with Tenants looking to relocate as well as those companies that are looking to purchase or sell a commercial property.  Since we are located in downtown Albany, we are especially knowledgable about the Albany market given the number of transactions completed over the last 13 years.  However, we also provide brokerage services in Rennselear and Saratoga Counties.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a Real Estate Broker in Albany?

I enjoy our downtown location as it provides us with the opportunity to feel, and be, a part of the community.  Business is built on relationships and Albany, given its size and tight business community, has allowed us to build a strong client base with referrals year after year.

Q: Name a favorite property that you’ve sold in Albany:

A 5700 SF office building located at 48 Howard Street in downtown Albany.  I have sold it 3 times!!

Q: What unique selling points does the City of Albany offer from a real-estate perspective?

We are a Capital City and as Michael Castellana says, the Capital of the Capital of the World.  We are at the center of the Northeast with an outstanding transportation infrastructure providing easy access around the Region and to the larger metropolitan cities.  The City of Albany is the business center of  this Region offering services and support to small businesses, corporate office locations, and industrial space options for small and large companies.  Our neighborhoods offer diverse housing options and downtown now offers a new lifestyle option with apartments and condominiums.

Q: What inspired you to open the Beahive? What do you think the trend of shared work space says about the way people are doing business in 2013-14?

I have always enjoyed meeting new people and helping them connect in this Region.   The Beahive was an opportunity to “incubate” or grow companies in downtown. We now have 15 member companies at the Beahive with two companies looking to open their own offices in downtown in 2014.  The Beahive provides a collaborative, shared, productive work environment allowing its members to stay focused on their business.  I now think people understand the importance of human interaction with others so we will continue to see growth in shared work environments.

Not only as a business and property owner, but also as a resident of Downtown Albany, what do you envision Albany will look like in the next 10 years?

My first thought is a bustling, vibrant downtown which is once again a destination for all ages 7 days a week.  Our waterfront will offer year around activities and entertainment.  Companies will see the added value of locating downtown and residents will be enjoying a high quality of life.  Yes, I am an optimist!