CFA Process And Local Support

June 13, 2017

Access Project Description Form

Governor Cuomo’s transformative Regional Economic Development Councils Round VII consolidated funding application (CFA) process is under way and Capitalize Albany staff is available to assist applicants.

As discussed at the local information roundtable session, the Corporation can coordinate letters of support from the Mayor and resolutions from the City of Albany Albany Common Council. Applicants that plan on requesting a letter of support or require a municipal resolution must complete the Project Description Form available via this link here or above and return it to Capitalize Albany by June 28. It is important to note that not all programs require a formal resolution, so please be sure to review your identified funding source very carefully prior to application. All final applications must be submitted to the State by 4 p.m. on July 28.

Contact Capitalize Albany staff at or by phone at 434-2532 with any questions regarding the above information. You can also learn more by visiting