Doubling Its Impact Downtown Is Pawsome Expands

July 31, 2017

The Downtown Albany Business Improvement District‘s Downtown is Pawsome, its 2017 public outdoor placemaking exhibit, expanded its reach this month beginning its second round of installations. In total the public art project features 20 three-foot-tall sculptures based on Albany’s famous canine resident and local landmark Nipper the Dog. Each is colorfully customized by regional artists and will be placed on display at locations throughout downtown Albany from June 2017 through May 2018.

The first “litter” of 10 sculptures was installed in June with eight more installed in July, the remaining two are to be installed in the coming weeks. A full list of all 20 locations throughout downtown Albany is available here

As discussed in the Impact Downtown Albany strategic plan, public art is a critical component to making truly world-class gateways into Albany’s visitor destinations. It can also be used to tackle remaining walkability challenges. Originally set for 10 sculptures, an additional 10 were supported in part by the Amplify Albany Grant Program, a program made possible by the City of Albany Capital Resource Corporation and Capitalize Albany. The exhibit’s expansion extends the activity surrounding the public art further and throughout downtown Albany’s business corridors.