Building For Tomorrow 2017

November 16, 2017

Joined by its investors, hundreds of community leaders and stakeholders, Capitalize Albany Corporation hosted its annual event, Building For Tomorrow 2017 on Nov. 14 at Berkshire Bank’s 30 South Pearl Street office penthouse, celebrating an extraordinary year of building momentum in the Capital City. In review of 2017, Capitalize Albany presented on an unprecedented year of investment and discussed the opportunities ahead for the City of Albany. For more than three decades the work of Capitalize Albany Corporation has elevated the City of Albany and the Region. It’s executing action-oriented strategies and catalyzing transformation in Albany’s neighborhoods, downtown and commercial districts. To learn more you can read Capitalize Albany Corporation’s 2017 Annual Report here.

During the event’s program four panelists took the stage, this year’s discussion put the spotlight on the extraordinary work under way at Albany Medical College’s Biomedical Acceleration & Commercialization Center (BACC). Panelists included Praxis Biotechnology Inc. co-founder Dr. Alejandro Adam, Jamboxx CEO Dwight Cheu, BACC’s Associate Director Emily Ekland, and Somml Health Inc. co-founder Kurt Lozier. 

Many Thanks to Our 2017 Event Sponsors