9W Project to Bring New Development, Streetscape and Transportation Improvements

May 18, 2018

A new $10 million investment at 351 Southern Boulevard will create 60 jobs (30 construction and 30 permanent) and provide new neighborhood amenities.

A project made possible with support from the City of Albany Industrial Development Agency, on Thursday the City of Albany IDA board approved an application to provide financial assistance to 351 Diamond Development, LLC in the form of New York State sales and mortgage recording tax exemptions.

Portions of this project will have direct public infrastructure benefits. A new traffic light with a left hand turn signal will be installed to create a safer intersection for traffic and pedestrians. Sidewalks will be constructed along route 9W and Mount Hope Drive along the project’s perimeter. Two CDTA bus stops will be installed, enhancing bus transit access. The renovated properties will include a new gym, car wash, convenience store and additional retail space.