Second Public Event Gathers More Feedback On Skyway Preliminary Design and Engineering

June 4, 2018

The Skyway is becoming part of the international conversation on development of elevated linear parks. Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, London and New York’s Capital City are among the cities with High Line-style projects completed or in planning. Read more from the Associated Press. With support from New York State,  Governor Cuomo and the recently announced $3.1 million committed, Capitalize Albany Corporation and the Skyway project team are actively working through the project’s feasibility, preliminary design and engineering. A second event as part of a public engagement series was held on May 22, at the Palace Theatre. Initial design concepts were previewed.

Reported in the Times Union, the elevated linear park is one of many investments planned for the Clinton Square corridor, a gateway that supports and connects downtown, the warehouse district and waterfront as well as surrounding neighborhoods Sheridan Hollow and Arbor Hill. The Impact Downtown Albany strategic plan, the City’s comprehensive plan, LWRP and waterfront master plan show demand for, and an economic need to increase connections from downtown to the waterfront.