Support smAlbany | New Resource To Support Albany Businesses In A Fast-Changing Environment Amid COVID-19 Crisis

March 20, 2020
In recognition of the significant impact the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has had – and will continue to have for the foreseeable future – on the local and national economy, a consortium of organizations has joined together to provide a clearinghouse of information and resources to support businesses at this difficult time.This website is being actively updated as it was just developed, and information is being gathered, please check back frequently for updates which will be posted as quickly as possible.

At the direction of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, a working group of stakeholders has been convened, each with a variety of expertise, programs and capabilities, to assist businesses in weathering this unprecedented public health crisis and prepare to emerge from it successfully. The group has adopted “#SupportsmAlbany” as its overarching message and tagline. Though Albany is a city, it is really a series of interconnected neighborhoods, each with its own one-of-a-kind offerings and flavor. That’s thanks in large part to the wide variety of local businesses located all across the city, which need the support of the entire community at this moment. 

The working group’s members thus far include Capitalize Albany Corporation, Albany’s three business improvement districts, The Albany Small Business Development Center, The Capital Region Chamber, The Community Loan Fund of the Greater Capital Region, Albany County leaders and a growing list of partners and community leaders. #SupportsmAlbany will be reaching out to other partners, including local lenders and community leaders and advocates, in order to have the broadest possible reach for this collaborative effort.  

Though each participant will continue to update its respective communications channels, and #SupportsmAllbany on social media, will be used as a centralized clearinghouse for the latest developments. 

The website will serve as a resource for Albany business owners as virus-related updates become available. Information is available on a variety of programs and resources – some existing, others coming online as part of local, state and national stimulus packages. All are encouraged to reach out with questions and individual requests using the website’s contact form. 

Business owners are encouraged to take a moment to fill out a short survey to be found on the Support Smalbany website homepage. This survey will enable this group to better understand the specific issues and challenges businesses are facing across the city, and tailor our response appropriately.